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Being an IRDA approved LIC and General Insurance Agent, I can assure you that you get the best policies that give you long term benefits. I always aim to give the best services to my clients and provide them all kinds of protection for their financial well being.

As an Insurance Advisor, I aim to get the policy for you and your family that can keep you protected without paying huge sums of premium.



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Why life insurance?

Life insurance cover

Life insurance cover has become basic requirement in these days. Every life needs life insurance in some or the other ways. There two kinds of life insurance plans, they are Endowment plans and Term Insurance plans. Endowment policy offer life insurance and guaranteed returns on maturity whereas Term insurance plans offers only life insurance cover.

Child Education

Every parent wants to give best education to their child. Future depends planning and execution of child's education in a proper way. Education plans if purchased at younger age may help to reduce premium and get more returns. Periodic returns from insurance may help for school fee, tuition fee etc in a great way. Planning for higher education may help parents.

Marriage planning

Saving a big amount for marriage may be a big task. Insurance plans may help parents to insure themselves and save for child education and marriage. Insurance plans can play a big role in girl child marriage planning. Policy can be purchased for 19 0r 25 to coincide with higher education and marriage planning.

Tax Saving plans

Insurance plans play a major role in Tax Saving. Investment in Tax Saving plans can be done up to Rs. 1,50,000/-. Returns from insurance plans like, survival benefits, maturity and claims are tax free under section 10 ( 10 D). Dual Tax savings make Insurance plans very popular among policy holders. LIC plans like Jeevan labh, Jeevan Umang, Jeevan Akshay may help income tax payers in big way to reduce tax burden and save for future.

Pension/ Annuity

Pension planning is very important for future. Life after retirement may become a big problem inf future. For some people retirement period may be more than working years. For pensioner the expenses are going to be more than what he spent during his office days. LIC retirement plans are guaranteed with tax free for life time with life insurance cover.

Whole life insurance cover

Very less Insurance companies provide Endowment whole life plans. LIC of India Endowment plans like Jeevan anand, Jeevan Umang provides life time insurance cover and 100% tax free returns. One may not be interested to buy Insurance plans on maturity but life time plans would help to continue the plan after giving maturity also.

Indias No.1 Insurance Company

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